09 October 2020

Nottingham’s tram network is urging customers support efforts to help prevent the risk of spreading Covid-19 by continuing to plan their journey in advance and taking simple and sensible steps to keep themselves and others safe.

As the number of coronavirus cases rises across the city, NET is also reminding people of the measures it already has in place to encourage social distancing and is appealing to the travelling public to continue to follow government guidance and travel at times when trams are quieter.

Customer Services Manager, Constantina Samara, explained: “Since the start of the pandemic, the vast majority of people who use the tram have observed social distancing and the rules on wearing face coverings.

“In response to a recent increase in people using the tram in the late evening, particularly at the weekend, we introduced a number of additional measures to further encourage social distancing, including running extra trams at busy times to increase capacity and deploying more staff at key locations to remind people of the guidelines.

“We are also working closely with other partners such as the police, schools, colleges and universities to share advice on travelling safely by tram and, as a result, we’ve seen a significant improvement in social distancing on our services. But, as we prepare for this weekend, we’re urging people to think ahead if they’re planning a night out in the city.”

To help people plan their journey, NET is stepping up social media announcements and tram stop announcements alerting customers of busy times.

“Trams continue to run frequently for several hours after the pubs and restaurants close at 10pm, so one of the most helpful things customers can do is to wait for the next tram rather than boarding one that already looks busy. The next tram should only be a few minutes behind and is likely to be much quieter.”

Other steps customers should take include:

  • Maintaining social distancing at the tram stop
  • Buying their ticket in advance using the NETGO! app
  • Standing clear of the doors and waiting for people to get off before boarding
  • Wearing a face covering at all times, unless they are genuinely exempt from the government rules.
  • Moving down the tram to create more space, particularly around doors

Constantina added: “We’re all in this together and we would like to thank everyone who continues to follow the rules and guidance that are more important than ever as the city faces rising numbers of Covid-19 cases.”